Jetsetting Escapes in the Americas

"Capturing the Soul of Celebration: New Year's in Rio

Each year, as the Californian winter begins to bite, my thoughts inevitably turn to the warmth of my birthplace, Rio de Janeiro. There was a magnetic pull to this city of sun, sand, and soul, especially during New Year's celebrations. As a photographer, Rio has always felt like it had a cultural kaleidoscope with vibrant energy.

Jetsetting Escapes in the Caribbean

Jetsetting Escapes in Europe

Two Days in Medieval Croatia: Split Old Town

The sun beats down golden upon the medieval city of Split, Croatia, its ancient structures reflecting off the shimmering and placid waters of the Adriatic Sea. And while the promenade that runs along the edge of the water is constantly brimming with local and visiting folks alike, there is also a very dreamy haze that permeates the atmosphere.

Jetsetting Escapes in Asia

Leisure & Luxury at Jumeirah Muscat Bay

Nestled in the secluded cove of Bandar Jissah between the Al Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman, Jumeirah Muscat Bay is just 40 minutes from Muscat International Airport. This luxury hotel resort is a haven for adventurous wellbeing.

Jetsetting Escapes in Australia

Perth Uncovered: Unmissable Experiences in Western Australia's Sun-Kissed Capital

Perth, the sun-soaked capital of Western Australia, beautifully balances urban cool with raw natural beauty. From its booming food scene and cultural hotspots to its stunning parks and beaches, Perth has a vibrant mix of attractions that make it a must-visit destination. Here are the top eight activities to make the most of your time in the city.

Jetsetting Escapes in Antarctica

Jetsetting Escapes in Africa

Africa's Iconic Destinations: A Voyage of a Lifetime

As I sat in my office, staring at the world map that adorned my wall, I felt a deep longing for adventure stirring within me. The vibrant colors and exotic names of far-off lands seemed to beckon me, whispering promises of unforgettable experiences and life-changing moments.